Tân An, Long An Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

🇻🇳 Tân An is the capital city of Long An Province in Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Tân An comprises nine wards, and five communes (An Vĩnh Ngãi, Bình Tâm, Hướng Thọ Phú, Lợi Bình Nhơn and Nhơn Thạnh Trung).

Tân An is in the south-west of Ho Chi Minh City, 47 km away from the city centre and bordered to the north by Thủ Thừa District, to the east by Tân Trụ District and Châu Thành District and to the west and south-west by Tiền Giang Province. Ward 1 is the economic, political and cultural centre of the city.

Tân An is the political, cultural, economic, scientific and technological centre of Long An province. The township is in the development of the Southern Key Economic Region, and the economic gateway to the provinces of the Mekong River Delta, with the main river and road traffic, National Highway 1A, National Highway 62 and Vàm Cỏ Tây river, flowing through the centre.

Long An Province is situated in an advantageous position in the Southern Key Economic Region of Vietnam. Being a low-lying coastal region, Long An is particularly susceptible to floods resulting from rises in sea level due to climate change. The Climate Change Research Institute at Can Tho University (Trường Đại học Cần Thơ), in studying the possible consequences of climate change, has predicted that 49% of Long An province is expected to be flooded if sea levels rise by one meter.

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Tân An has a population of over 166,419 people. Tân An also forms the centre of the wider Long An Province which has a population of over 2,002,767 people.

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Antipodal to Tân An is: -73.586,-10.535

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Antipodal to: Tân An -73.586,-10.535

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