Suita, Ōsaka Prefecture, Kansai Region, Japan

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🇯🇵 Suita (吹田市) is a city located in northern Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

The city was founded in 1940, and was the site of Expo '70, a World's Fair held in 1970. The J-League soccer club Gamba Osaka plays at Suita City Football Stadium.

It is connected to central by Hankyu Railway, West Japan Railway Company and the Osaka Municipal Subway. The Osaka Monorail also passes through the area, connecting the city to Osaka, the Expo Commemoration Park and Osaka International Airport.

Geography Suita is located in northern Osaka Prefecture. The northern part of the city is occupied by the gently sloping Senri Hills, and the southern part is a plain made up of the Yodo River, Aui River, Kanzaki River, and sediments carried from rivers that originate in Senri Hills. The elevation of the city ranges from 1.5 meters to 115.7 meters above sea level. The city limits are 6.4 km from east-to-west and 9.6 km from north-to-south. In the past, the sea was right next to the city, and place names such as Toyotsu and Takahama still remain today. The Ani River runs through the southern edge of the city limits, and the Kanzaki River flows from east to west.

Neighboring municipalities Osaka Prefecture • Yodogawa-ku, Osaka • Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka • Settsu • Ibaraki • Minoh • Toyonaka.

History The area of the modern city of Suita was within ancient Settsu Province, and has been continuously inhabited since the Japanese Paleolithic period. In 785 AD, Wake no Kiyomaro constructed a canal between the Yodo River and the Kanzaki River in what is now Suita, and from the Heian period, the area was occupied by shōen landed estates of the nobility and the imperial family. In the Edo Period, it was divided between estates directly controlled by Tokugawa shogunate and those controlled by the Imperial family. The village of Suita was established with the creation of the modern municipalities system on April 1, 1889. On April 1, 1896 the area became part of Mishima District, Osaka. Suita was raised to town status on April 1, 1898 and to city status on January 1, 1940. The city was the site of Expo '70, a World's Fair held in 1970. On April 1, 2001 Suita was designated a Special city with increased local autonomy.

Government Suita has a mayor-council form of government with a directly elected mayor and a unicameral city council of 36 members. Suita contributes four members to the Osaka Prefectural Assembly. In terms of national politics, the city is part of Osaka 7th district of the lower house of the Diet of Japan.

Economy Suita is a regional commercial centre and distribution hub for northern Osaka. Due to its proximity to the Osaka metropolitan area, it is also a commuter town. The city also has a growing and very diverse industrial base.

Major companies and industries • Asahi Suita Brewery. • First Headquarters of SNK, the producer of Neo Geo arcade boards and games. Prior to moving to Yodogawa-ku in March 20, 2023. • Mister Donut, a fast food franchise that offers doughnuts, coffee, muffins and pastries.

Universities • Kansai University's main branch is located here. It is accessible through Kandaimae Station on the Hankyu Senri Line. • Osaka University's main administrative campus is hosted here, right beside the Expo Park. It is accessible via the Osaka Monorail at Handaibyoinmae Station, or via Hankyu Senri Line at Kita-Senri Station. • Osaka Gakuin University, accessible through Kishibe Station on JR Kyoto Line. • Senri Kinran University, accessible through Kita-Senri Station on Hankyu Senri Line. • Yamato University.

Transport: Rail JR West – JR Kyōto Line • Kishibe - Suita

JR West – Osaka Higashi Line • Minami-Suita

Hankyu Railway Hankyu Kyoto Line • Shōjaku

Hankyu Railway Hankyu Senri Line • Suita - Toyotsu - Kandai-mae - Senriyama - Minami-Senri - Yamada - Kita-Senri

Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway • Momoyama-dai - Esaka

Osaka Metro - Midosuji Line • Esaka

Osaka Monorail - Main Line • Yamada - Bampaku-kinen-kōen

Osaka Monorail - Saito Line • Koen-higashiguchi - Bampaku-kinen-kōen

Transport: Road • Meishin Expressway • Chūgoku Expressway • Kinki Expressway • National Route 423 • National Route 479.

Local attractions • Expo Commemoration Park • The J-League soccer club Gamba Osaka plays at Suita City Football Stadium.

Museums • National Museum of Ethnology • International Institute for Children's Literature, Osaka • The Japan Folk Crafts Museum, Osaka • Kansai University Museum • Suita City Museum

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Suita has a population of over 378,322 people. Suita also forms part of the wider Osaka Prefecture which has a population of over 8,823,358 people.

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East of: 135.517

🇯🇵 Moriguchi 135.55

🇯🇵 Settsu 135.565

🇯🇵 Kawachinagano 135.566

🇯🇵 Kadoma 135.583

🇯🇵 Fujiidera 135.6

🇯🇵 Ōsaka 135.612

🇯🇵 Hashimoto 135.621

🇯🇵 Neyagawa 135.629

🇯🇵 Takatsuki 135.629

🇯🇵 Kashiwara 135.633

West of: 135.517

🇯🇵 Keihanshin 135.5

🇯🇵 Kita-ku 135.5

🇯🇵 Sakai 135.483

🇯🇵 Toyonaka 135.467

🇯🇵 Minoh 135.466

🇯🇵 Ikeda 135.43

🇯🇵 Izumi 135.425

🇯🇵 Amagasaki 135.417

🇯🇵 Izumiotsu 135.4

🇯🇵 Itami 135.4

Antipodal to Suita is: -44.483,-34.75

Locations Near: Suita 135.517,34.75

🇯🇵 Moriguchi 135.55,34.733 d: 3.5  

🇯🇵 Kita-ku 135.5,34.7 d: 5.8  

🇯🇵 Settsu 135.565,34.773 d: 5.1  

🇯🇵 Toyonaka 135.467,34.783 d: 5.9  

🇯🇵 Kadoma 135.583,34.733 d: 6.3  

🇯🇵 Keihanshin 135.5,34.833 d: 9.4  

🇯🇵 Ōsaka 135.612,34.76 d: 8.7  

🇯🇵 Minoh 135.466,34.833 d: 10.4  

🇯🇵 Amagasaki 135.417,34.719 d: 9.8  

🇯🇵 Ikeda 135.43,34.819 d: 11  

Antipodal to: Suita -44.483,-34.75

🇧🇷 Tubarão -49,-28.467 d: 19196.1  

🇧🇷 Criciúma -49.372,-28.678 d: 19197  

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