Subotica, North Bačka District, Vojvodina Autonomous Province, Serbia

🇷🇸 Subotica (Суботица: Szabadka) is a city and the administrative centre of the North Bačka District in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Formerly the largest city of Vojvodina region, contemporary Subotica is now the second largest city in the province, following the city of Novi Sad. According to the 2011 census, the city itself has a population of 97,910, while the urban area of Subotica (with adjacent urban settlement of Palić included) has 105,681 inhabitants, and the population of metro area (the administrative area of the city) stands at 141,554 people.

he area around Subotica is mainly farmland but the city itself is an important industrial and transportation centre in Serbia. Due to the surrounding farmlands Subotica has famous food producer industries in the country, including such brands as the confectionery factory "Pionir", "Fidelinka" the cereal manufacturer, "Mlekara Subotica" a milk producer and "Simex" producer of strong alcohol drinks.

There are a number of old socialistic industries that survived the transition period in Serbia. The biggest one is the chemical fertiliser factory "Azotara" and the rail wagon factory "Bratstvo". Currently the biggest export industry in town is the "Siemens Subotica" wind generators factory and it is the biggest brown-field investment so far. The other big companies in Subotica are: Fornetti, ATB Sever and Masterplast. More recent companies to come to Subotica include Dunkermotoren and NORMA Group. Tourism is important. In the past few years, Palić has been famous for the Palić Film Festival. Subotica is a festival city, hosting more than 17 festivals over the year.

As of September 2017, Subotica has one of 14 free economic zones established in Serbia. In 2020 construction of a new aqua park with ten pools and wellness and spa sections was underway in Palić.

The following table gives a preview of total number of registered people employed in legal entities per their core activity (as of 2018): Agriculture, forestry and fishing 632 Mining and quarrying 5 Manufacturing 14,481 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 360 Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities 570 Construction 1,829 Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles 7,337 Transportation and storage 3,136 Accommodation and food services 1,802 Information and communication 1,056 Financial and insurance activities 621 Real estate activities 127 Professional, scientific and technical activities 1,503 Administrative and support service activities 1,088 Public administration and defence; compulsory social security 1,997 Education 2,596 Human health and social work activities 3,416 Arts, entertainment and recreation 653 Other service activities 984 Individual agricultural workers 1,438 Total 45,631

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Subotica has a population of over 97,910 people. Subotica also forms the centre of the wider Subotica metropolitan area which has a population of over 141,554 people.

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