Stormville, New York, United States

🇺🇸 Stormville, East Fishkill, New York, United States. Stormville – A hamlet in the eastern part of the town named after early settlers, brothers Jacob and Rupert Storm. Wiccopee (was Johnsville c. 1800 –1904) – A hamlet near the western town line.

The town was once the eastern portion of the town of Fishkill.

Hudson Valley Research Park (formerly known as IBM East Fishkill) is located in the town, and housed 27 divisions and 4,700 regular employees for IBM Microelectronics, which GlobalFoundries bought. While IBM produced microchips they owned the advanced, automated processor fabrication facility where IBM's "Cell" processor was co-developed.

Stormville, New York, United States 
<b>Stormville, New York, United States</b>
Image: Daniel Case

Stormville has a population of over 29,029 people. Stormville also forms part of the wider Dutchess County which has a population of over 295,911 people. For the location of Stormville see: East Fishkill.

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