Ski, County of Viken County, Eastern Norway Region, Norway

🇳🇴 Skiis a town in the municipality of Nordre Follo in the greater region Follo, in Viken county, Norway. Ski is the most populous and largest town in Follo, and serves as the de facto municipality centre of Nordre Follo municipality. Institutions like the hospital, district court, police station, and other regional public services, are located in and around the town of Ski.

Economy Ski is traditionally a rural municipality, and agriculture is still prominent. However, its location at the centre of the district, with Norway's two most important main roads intersecting nearby and the main railway line passing through, has made it the commercial and transport hub of the region. This has drawn companies to set up headquarters, factories and logistics hubs in the area, boosting the economy.

Ski town is a regional passenger hub for the national rail service, Vy, and as much of Ski municipality is easily reachable by train or car from central Oslo, the number of people living in Ski and commuting to Oslo has increased rapidly over the last 30 years, and is set to continue increasing - as immigration and birthrates in the Oslo/Akershus region is strong and housing in Oslo proper is of limited availability - and therefore costly.

Ski town has retained its traditional status as a market town and trading hub, and is home to the largest shopping centre in the district and one of the largest in Norway – Ski Storsenter. Ski town is also the political and administrative hub of the Follo region, and the local police headquarters, hospital, and district court - as well as a number of inter-municipal services companies, are located there.

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Ski has a population of over 29,307 people. Ski also forms the centre of the wider Follo districts which has a population of over 121,368 people.

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