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🇨🇳 Shunyi District (顺义区) is an administrative district of Beijing, located to the north-east of the city's urban core. The Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the geographical boundaries of the district, though it is technically under the jurisdiction of Chaoyang district. Shunyi borders the Beijing districts of Pinggu to the east, Tongzhou to the south, Chaoyang to the south-west, Changping to the west, Huairou to the north, and Miyun to the north-east, as well as Hebei province to the south-east. Shunyi has large communities of foreign expatriates.

Shunyi District has an area of 1,020 square km (390 sq mi) and a long-term resident population of approximately 983,000 as of 2013. The district is divided into 5 subdistricts of the city of Shunyi, the Airport subdistrict, and 19 towns. The urban area of Shunyi (2000 Census population 104,952 in Subdistricts) has an area of 19 km² (7.3 sq mi) and has an estimated urban area population of 190,000. Other important urban areas are Tianzhu/Jichang (55,000 estimated population, Jichang is an exclave of Chaoyang District surrounded by Shunyi District), Houshayu (45,000), Yangzhen (22,000), and Mapo (22,000).

The Tianzhu Development Zone region abutting the airport to the west contains the largest international exhibition centre in China, the New China International Exhibition Center.

The International School of Beijing (ISB) is located in Shunyi District in the region known as the "Beijing Central Villas District" - the area immediately to the south of the new International Exhibition Centre - and more particularly just north of Yosemite Villas. Across the road from ISB is the new campus of the British School of Beijing which moved to this location during the summer of 2009. From west to east, the villas include EuroVillage, River Garden, Le Leman Lake, Capital Paradise, Gahood, Yosemite and Dragon Bay Villa and Rose & Gingko. In addition to having many different housing complexes there are also several small shopping malls nearby including Europlaza, Pinnacle Plaza and Lakeview.

The Beijing 2008 Olympics rowing, canoeing, and kayaking events were held at the newly built Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park.

When Beijing Capital International Airport was first built, Shunyi was a subdistrict of Chaoyang. When Shunyi was promoted to full districtship, Chaoyang maintained direct control over the airport, so although the airport is completely surrounded by Shunyi district, it is not administratively in Shunyi; it pays its taxes to the Chaoyang government.


Transport The district is linked to the city proper through a series of arterial roads. The Northern Approach Route of the Airport Expressway passes through Shunyi District. Shunyi district is served by Line 15 of the Beijing Subway.

The urban centre of Shunyi is near the north-eastern 6th Ring Road.


Transport: Metro Shunyi is currently served by two metro lines operated by Beijing Subway: •      Line 15 - China International Exhibition Center, Hualikan, Houshayu, Nanfaxin, Shimen, Shunyi, Fengbo •      Capital Airport Express - Terminal 3


Economy Air China HQ Building

China Geographic Information Science and Technology Industrial Park

In 2017,the regional GDP of the district is 171.59 billion yuan, with GDP per capita at 152.1 thousand yuan.

Air China has its headquarters in Zone A of the Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone (天竺空港工业区) in the Shunyi District. Okay Airways has its headquarters in a separate Air China facility.

Beijing Hyundai Motor Company, a joint-venture with Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company and the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. has its head office and factory in the Linhe Industrial Development Zone (林河工业开发区) in Shunyi District.

Ritchie Bros Auctioneers (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (利氏兄弟拍卖(北京)有限公司), a subsidiary of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers of Canada, is an investor in the Tianzhu Free Trade Zone and is the first wholly foreign-owned auction company in China.

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Shunyi has a population of over 983,000 people. Shunyi also forms part of the wider Beijing metropolitan area which has a population of over 21,640,000 people. Shunyi is situated north-east of the centre of Beijing.

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