Shefa-'Amr, Northern District, Israel

Shefa-Amr, also Shfar'am (Arabic: شفاعمرو‎, Šafāʻamr, Hebrew: שְׁפַרְעָם‎, Šəfarʻam) is an Arab city in the Northern District of Israel. It has a Sunni Muslim majority and large Christian Arab and Druze minorities. Walls, installations and pottery sherds from the Early Bronze Age IB and the Middle Bronze Age IIB, Iron, Hellenistic and Roman periods have been excavated at Shefa-ʻAmr. According to CBS, in 2012 there were 12,494 salaried and 1,062 self-employed workers in the city. The mean income for the self-employed was ILS 7,381.

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Shefa-'Amr has a population of over 42,137 people.

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