Serowe, Central District, Botswana

🇧🇼 Serowe is an urban village in Botswana's Central District. A trade and commercial centre, it is Botswana's largest village. Serowe has played an important role in Botswana's history, as capital for the Bamangwato people in the early 20th century and as birthplace of several of Botswana's presidents. More recently it has undergone significant development as the town and Botswana continue to grow.

Since 2000, Serowe has undergone numerous developments and continues to expand at a steady rate, despite exponential growth from neighbouring Palapye. The Swaneng Senior Secondary School, fondly referred to as Swaneng Hill, has been upgraded by the Botswana government through contract with a Chinese construction company. It now has relatively modern chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, although they lack equipment for in-depth experiments. As a result, student interest in the sciences has grown, with a number of students going overseas to continue their studies. The school's history department regularly takes students on field trips to ancient sites around the country. Debating is highly encouraged, and has led to a number of national championship titles. A major recent upgrade involved the construction of the new state-of-the-art Sekgoma Hospital, which is located 6 km to the south of the main town, replacing the old and derelict hospital of the same name. It now operates as the main medical centre in the district. The hospital was constructed at an estimated cost of P300 million and was opened to the public in late 2007, reducing a heavy burden at the Francistown Hospital, which was subject to overcrowding and unhygienic conditions.

Another major recent development is the Serowe Stadium and surrounding sports complex. This project, which cost the Botswana government P30 million, was opened in mid-2003. It currently provides the Central District with its only major sports facility. The town used to be served by Serowe Airport. The airport location was used to build the now completed Sekgoma Memorial Hospital and the adjacent Nursing Institute.

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Serowe has a population of over 47,450 people. Serowe also forms the centre of the wider Central District which has a population of over 638,604 people.

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