Sector 3 (Bucharest), Bucharest, Romania

🇷🇴 Sector 3 (Sectorul 3 in Romanian) is an administrative unit of Bucharest. It is the most populous, most densely populated and also the third-largest division of the city. It is the second-most populated administrative area of Romania, only after the capital city. It is also the most important of all six sectors of Bucharest, as it includes the Downtown Bucharest, the Kilometre Zero and other significant landmarks. It is bordered by Sector 2 to the North, Ilfov County to the East, Sector 4 to the South, Sector 5 to the Southwest, and Sector 1 to the Northwest.

The largest and most populous district of Sector 3 is Titan. Lipscani, colloquially known as oldtown is the centre of the nightlife in Bucharest, and also the biggest attraction for foreign tourists. Also notable, the Bucharest Mall is located inside the Vitan district of Sector 3. Two of the sector's districts have been described as the most pleasant by Bucharest citizens.

Districts • Downtown • Old City • Dristor • Dudești • Văcărești • Titan • Vitan

Transportation Sector 3, being the largest division of Bucharest is served by the largest part of its public transport company. The sector is served by over 50 bus lines and 14 trolleybus lines. The sector is also served by a wide light rail system.

Trolleybus routes 70 and 92 as well as tram routes 40 and 56 are the only routes operating exclusively inside the sector. The sector is also served by the Bucharest Metro. A total of 13 stations are placed within its districts. The oldest and busiest station of the system is Union Square, while the newest one is Policolor. Other major underground hubs located in Sector 3 include Dristor, Titan and University.

The Sun Motorway which links the city to Constanța also starts from this sector. There is also a CFR train station located in the sector, the commuter station Titan Sud.

Education The sector is home to the Hyperion Private University.

Bucharest Time 
Bucharest Time
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Sector 3 (Bucharest) has a population of over 468,000 people. Sector 3 (Bucharest) also forms part of the wider Bucharest metropolitan area which has a population of over 2,412,530 people.

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