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🇺🇸 Scottsdale is a city in the eastern part of Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, and is part of the Greater Phoenix Area. Named Scottsdale in 1894 after its founder Winfield Scott, a retired U.S. Army chaplain, the city was incorporated in 1951. On the west, Scottsdale is bordered by Phoenix, Paradise Valley and unincorporated Maricopa County land. Carefree is along the western boundary, and shares Scottsdale's northern boundary with the Tonto National Forest. To the south Scottsdale is bordered by Tempe. The southern boundary is also occupied by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, which extends along the eastern boundary, which also borders Fountain Hills, the McDowell Mountain Regional Park and more unincorporated Maricopa County land.

The tourism industry is Scottsdale's primary employer, accounting for 39% of the city's workforce. In 2005, Scottsdale attracted over 7.5 million visitors to the city, providing an economic impact of over $3.1 billion.

The city of Scottsdale is fourth in the United States as having the most AAA Five-Diamond hotels and resorts. In 2015, AAA bestowed four such properties in Scottsdale with the highest honour: The Phoenician and The Canyon Suites, part of The Luxury Collection, Four Seasons Hotels Scottsdale at Troon North, and the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Princess Resort and Spa. As of 2016, Scottsdale has the highest number of destination spas per capita of any city in the United States.

The region's year-round warm weather and abundant sunshine is a major factor in Scottsdale's tourism appeal. In particular, during the winter, thousands of tourists and retirees from the midwest, the north-east, and as far away as Canada (known locally as "snowbirds"), flood the area with visits from brief to long term. Those who practice the same migration routine annually often end up purchasing winter homes in the area.

The Mayo Clinic has one of its three major campuses in Scottsdale. This and its resulting effects have made Scottsdale an attractive destination for medical care.

The aviation industry has also grown in Scottsdale, with the construction of Scottsdale Airport in North Scottsdale, in the 1960s. Today, it is one of the busiest single-runway airports in the United States in terms of aircraft operations. Though there is little to no commercial air service, nearly all operations are corporate or general aviation.

The immediate area surrounding the Scottsdale Airport, known locally as the Airpark, has developed rapidly as a regional centre of commerce. By 2004, the Airpark had grown to become the second-largest employment centre in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, with over 50,000 people being employed within a few-mile radius of the airport itself – notably in financial, retail, service, technological, design and manufacturing fields.

Among the companies headquartered in Scottsdale are APL, Cold Stone Creamery, Carlisle Companies, Discount Tire, Discovery Land Company, Fender, Go Daddy, Blue Yonder, Kahala, Kona Grill, Liveops, Magellan Health, Meritage Homes, Nextiva, Paradise Bakery & Café, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, Rural Metro, Axon, and United Blood Services.

Among the top employers in the city include: Honor Health; CVS Health; Scottsdale Unified School District; Vanguard; City of Scottsdale; General Dynamics Mission Systems; Mayo Clinic; Nationwide Specialty Insurance; Yelp; McKesson.

Retail The city is home to corporate retail outlets, as well as independent boutiques.

There are many shopping areas within the city of Scottsdale, ranging from small districts to large centers. The most notable regional centres include the Kierland Commons and Scottsdale Quarter in North Scottsdale, and the Scottsdale Fashion Square in Downtown Scottsdale, a major destination for high-end retailers. These shopping centres (and others) in Scottsdale claim dozens of marquee brands that are unique to both Phoenix and the South-western region.

As of 2016, the Scottsdale Fashion Square was ranked in the top 25 most visited malls in the country by Travel + Leisure magazine. It has consistently been one of the most profitable malls in the United States, being ranked in 2016 as the second highest sales per square foot mall in the country, The centre is anchored by Nordstrom, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, and Dillard's.

One Scottsdale, a collaboration between Macerich and DMB Associates, aims to be the next luxury retail centre for the Phoenix area. In a three-mile (5 km) radius, the centre sees an average household income of $110,292, and its 10-mile (16 km) zone has more households earning over $100,000 than several famous retail destinations, including Bal Harbour, Naples, Aspen, and The Hamptons.

Palmeraie, a 300,000-square-foot (28,000 m²), outdoor mixed-use project planned for the SWC of Indian Bend and Scottsdale Rds, has already received commitments from Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, and John Varvatos.

Scottsdale, Arizona 
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Scottsdale was ranked #1094 by the Nomad List which evaluates and ranks remote work hubs by cost, internet, fun and safety. Scottsdale has a population of over 258,069 people. Scottsdale also forms one of the centres of the wider Phoenix metropolitan area which has a population of over 4,737,270 people. Scottsdale is the #77 hipster city in the world, with a hipster score of 4.829 according to the Hipster Index which evaluates and ranks the major cities of the world according to the number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques, and record stores.

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