Sari, Mazandaran Province, Iran

🇮🇷 Sari, also known as Shahr-e-Tajan and Shari-e-Tajan, is the provincial capital of Mazandaran Province and former capital of Iran, located in the north of Iran, between the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Sari is the largest and most populous city of Mazandaran.

Economy The economy of Sari is based on food production such as milled rice, dairy products, canned meat and cookies. Sari is a major citrus fruits producer, especially oranges, tangerines and lemons. Oil seeds such as soybean and grape being cultivated in vast lands around villages for producing of vegetable ghee and cooking oil. Other sources of the economy include, but are not limited to, paper, wood, fabrics and construction materials. Mazandaran Wood and Paper Industries, the biggest factory of its kind in the middle east, is situated in a 2000-acre ground on Semnan Road. Mazpaper is presently producing more than 20% of country's paper requirements and is a major economical entity not only for the city but also for the province. The MWPI's major subsidiary is the NEKA CHOUB Co., that is manufacturing plywood and chipboard.

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Sari has a population of over 347,400 people.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities include: 🇮🇶 Najaf, Iraq; 🇧🇾 Gomel, Belarus; 🇷🇺 Astrakhan, Russia; 🇮🇹 Ancona, Italy; 🇮🇷 Mezdeh, Iran.

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