São Vendelino, Rio Grande do Sul, South Region, Brazil

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🇧🇷 São Vendelino is a municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It was raised to municipality status in 1988, the area being taken out of the municipality of Bom Princípio.

It is the municipality with the best quality of life in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Index of Deprivation (IBP), created by Fiocruz and released in 2020. Aspects related to education, income and housing were considered.


History The name São Vendelino is due to the origin of many of its founders, Catholic immigrants, from the German town of Sankt Wendel, near the Everest, in the German state of the Saarland.


Minority language Like many municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the German language has been part of the history of São Vendelino since its foundation. The dialect spoken in the region is the Riograndenser Hunsrückisch, a variant of the prevalent dialect in the Hunsrück region of south-western Germany.

In 2012 the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio Grande do Sul approved in a unanimous vote the official recognition of the German dialect of Rio Grande do Sul as an integral part of the cultural heritage of the state.

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul 
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul
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São Vendelino has a population of over 2,266 people. São Vendelino also forms part of the wider Porto Alegre metropolitan area which has a population of over 4,405,760 people. São Vendelino is situated near Montenegro.

Twin Towns - Sister Cities São Vendelino has links with:

🇩🇪 Sankt Wendel, Germany
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Antipodal to São Vendelino is: 128.7,29.383

Locations Near: São Vendelino -51.3,-29.3833

🇧🇷 Farroupilha -51.35,-29.234 d: 17.3  

🇧🇷 Caxias do Sul -51.179,-29.168 d: 26.7  

🇧🇷 Caxias -51.179,-29.168 d: 26.7  

🇧🇷 Bento Gonçalves -51.519,-29.174 d: 31.5  

🇧🇷 Montenegro -51.45,-29.683 d: 36.4  

🇧🇷 Novo Hamburgo -51.128,-29.683 d: 37.3  

🇧🇷 Campo Bom -51.05,-29.667 d: 39.7  

🇧🇷 São Leopoldo -51.149,-29.772 d: 45.6  

🇧🇷 Sapucaia do Sul -51.146,-29.842 d: 53.1  

🇧🇷 Canoas -51.183,-29.915 d: 60.2  

Antipodal to: São Vendelino 128.7,29.383

🇯🇵 Amami 129.483,28.367 d: 19878.7  

🇯🇵 Hioki 130.367,31.6 d: 19721.4  

🇯🇵 Nago 127.978,26.592 d: 19696.7  

🇯🇵 Kagoshima 130.55,31.6 d: 19711.5  

🇯🇵 Satsumasendai 130.299,31.808 d: 19705.1  

🇯🇵 Kanoya 130.847,31.382 d: 19712.1  

🇯🇵 Aira 130.617,31.717 d: 19697.3  

🇯🇵 Okinawa 127.809,26.409 d: 19672.9  

🇯🇵 Uruma 127.85,26.367 d: 19669.4  

🇯🇵 Izumi 130.36,32.073 d: 19676.5  

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