São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, Brazil

São Lourenço is a Brazilian municipality and spa town in the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais, in the Southeast of the country. It is one of the smallest Brazilian municipalities and is located at an equal distance - approximately 3.5h - from two major cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Tourism is the main economic activity of the city although it has also become the regional hub for shopping, medical care, and banking. The city is served by Comte. Luiz Carlos de Oliveira Airport.

Throughout the year, several events take place in Sao Lourenço. They include the International Choir Festival, Cachaça Festival - cachaça is a hard liquor distilled from sugar cane juice, Winter Festival, Street Carnaval, Orchid Exhibits, Megacycle (a motorcyclists gathering), Vintage/Classic Cars Expo, a Hot Air Balloonists gathering, as well as several conferences of large Brazilian organisations.

In the beginning of August, the city celebrates its patron saint, Saint Lawrence, with a ten-day festival that includes live music, traditional food, and fireworks.


São Lourenço has a population of over 46,202 people.

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