São José, Santa Catarina, South Region, Brazil

🇧🇷 São José is a city in Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is approximately 5 km from and encircles the continental section of Florianópolis. The municipality of São José, located in Grande Florianópolis, is the fourth oldest in Santa Catarina and was colonized on October 26, 1750, by 182 Azorean couples, from the islands of Pico, Terceira, São Jorge, Faial, Graciosa and São Miguel. In 1829, it received the first nucleus of German colonization of the State. Rapid development, coupled with population growth and economic power, meant that, on March 1, 1833, through the Resolution of the President of the Province, Feliciano Nunes Pires, São José passed from parish to village and, on May 1856, through Provincial Law No. 415, was elevated to the city. Not being very touristy in nature, unlike Florianópolis, São José has attracted industries such as telecommunication equipment, textiles, and food processing.

Image: Photo by Cassiano Psomas on Unsplash

São José has a population of over 250,200 people. São José also forms part of the wider Florianópolis metropolitan area which has a population of over 1,111,702 people.

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