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🇧🇴 Santa Cruz de la Sierra, commonly known as Santa Cruz, is the largest city in Bolivia and the capital of the Santa Cruz department. Situated on the Pirai River in the eastern Tropical Lowlands of Bolivia, the Santa Cruz de la Sierra Metropolitan Region is the most populous urban agglomeration in Bolivia. It is formed by a conurbation of seven Santa Cruz municipalities: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Guardia, Warnes, Cotoca, El Torno, Porongo, and Montero.

It was not until after the middle of the 20th century with profound agrarian and land reforms that the city began to grow at a very fast pace. Due to its low elevation at the foothills of the Andes and being situated in the Amazon basin, the city has a tropical climate unlike the other main metro area of La Paz that is thousands of metres higher in terms of elevation.

The city is Bolivia's most populous, produces nearly 35% of Bolivia's gross domestic product, and receives over 40% of all foreign direct investment in the country. This has helped make Santa Cruz the most important business centre in Bolivia and the preferred destination of migrants from all over the country and from some neighbouring countries as well.


Economy The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra has utility infrastructure, roads and highways, and lively shopping and business. The main sectors that drive the economy are oil, forestry companies, agribusiness, and construction. Santa Cruz contributes more than 80% of national agricultural production. It also has the country's largest airport, making it an ideal city for trade shows, international events and investments.

It is noteworthy that in Santa Cruz there is considerable investment in the construction sector (office buildings and houses), business (large supermarket chains and mass consumption centres), the health sector (high-tech private clinics), the fashion industry, national and international shows, agribusiness, hospitality and cuisine (highly developed), not to mention many private universities. The airline Boliviana de Aviación flies from Santa Cruz to Miami, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Salta and São Paulo. Bolivia's largest Shopping mall, the Ventura Mall is located in the city of Santa Cruz.


Hotels Santa Cruz de la Sierra has one of the best hotel infrastructures in the country. Some of the hotels in the city include Los Tajibos Hotel, Hotel Toborochi, Hotel Buganvillas, Marriott Hotels & Resorts Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Hotel Camino Real.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia 
<b>Santa Cruz, Bolivia</b>
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Santa Cruz has a population of over 1,529,000 people. Santa Cruz also forms part of the wider Santa Cruz de la Sierra metropolitan area which has a population of over 2,300,000 people.

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