San Juan, San Juan–Laventille Region, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

🇹🇹 San Juan is a town in Trinidad and Tobago. Located in San Juan–Laventille region in Saint George County, it lies within the East-West Corridor Metropolitan Area, between Barataria and Saint Joseph.

Economy San Juan is home to the internationally known beverage company Solo Beverages. Solo Beverages is a company that provides carbonated beverages that are considered a symbol of Trinidad and Tobago. In June 2010, Japs Fried Chicken opened its doors in San Juan. The popular supermarket, Ramesh and Leela is headquartered in the Croisee with another branch located in Febeau Village. Also located on El Socorro Main Road, is Geelal's Super Wholesalers & Distributors Ltd. which is a major import and wholesale outlet supplying the twin islands. El Socorro Road’s most prominent business families are the Geelal’s, the Chotoo’s, and the Chanka Maraj’s. El Socorro Road encompasses car-parts, hardware shops, and groceries, Aranguez Main Road hosts mainly fresh fruit and vegetable shops as well as garden supply stores. The area is always bustling with traffic due to the strong economy. The many businesses located on El Socorro Road has boosted the demand of taxi services which led to an expansion of the El Socorro Taxi Stand in the Croisee. The increased traffic has also allowed gas stations and auto repair shops to become successful in the area as well as many fast food restaurants.

San Juan, San Juan–Laventille Region, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago 
<b>San Juan, San Juan–Laventille Region, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago</b>
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San Juan has a population of over 15,752 people. San Juan also forms the centre of the wider San Juan-Laventille Region which has a population of over 157,258 people.

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