Sakuragawa, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kantō Region, Japan

🇯🇵 Sakuragawa is a city located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The city of Sakuragawa was established in 2005, from the merger of the towns of Iwase (in the north), Makabe (in the south) with the village of Yamato (in the center). Iwase was formerly from Nishiibaraki District, while Makabe and Yamato were formerly from Makabe District. Economy The economy of Sakuragawa is primarily agricultural. Stone quarrying is also important.

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Sakuragawa has a population of over 39,072 people. Sakuragawa also forms part of the wider Ibaraki prefecture which has a population of over 2,871,199 people. Sakuragawa is situated 40 km west of the centre of Ibaraki.

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