Rebild, North Jutland Region, Denmark

🇩🇰 Rebild municipality is a municipality in North Jutland Region in Denmark. In 2007 Rebild municipality was created as the result of Kommunalreformen, consisting of the former municipalities of Nørager, Skørping and Støvring. Danes and descendants of emigrants have celebrated the U.S. Independence Day with barbecues, square dancing and country music outside Rebild, a village 155 miles north-west of Copenhagen. The land that today comprises Rebild National Park, south of Aalborg, was bought by Americans of Danish descent and donated to the people and nation of Denmark with a single codicil- that July 4 be celebrated there every year. There are speeches and fireworks and parades, attended by Americans and Danes. It is a pretty amusing approximation of US celebrations.

There is also a small museum called The Lincoln Blokhuset (Log Cabin) that is far grander than anything Abraham Lincoln lived in until he was elected president.

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Rebild has a population of over 28,753 people. Rebild also forms part of the wider North Jutland Region which has a population of over 590,322 people. Rebild is situated 24 km south of Aalborg.

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