Qena, Egypt

🇪🇬 Qena (قنا) is a city in Upper Egypt, and the capital of the Qena Governorate. Situated on the east bank of the Nile, it was known in antiquity as Kaine (Καινή) and Maximianopolis. Gauthier identifies Qena with ancient Shabt. This provincial capital is located about 95 km from El Balyana and 63 km north of Luxor. It is most famous for its proximity to the ruins of Dendara. It owes its modern prosperity to the opening of the Wadi Qena towards the Red Sea, which is a major traffic route between Upper Egypt and the Red Sea. Tourists traveling between Luxor and the Red Sea will assuredly pass through this city since there is only one good road connection. Qena is noted for its pottery. Qena is also known for its beautiful huge mountains and green nature. Qena also has one of the highest concentration of Coptic Christians in Egypt (approximately 35% of the total population).


Qena has a population of over 230,392 people. Qena also forms the centre of the wider Qena Governorate which has a population of over 3,224,000 people.

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