Putnam, Ontario, Canada

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Thames Centre is a municipality in Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada, directly east of the City of London. It was formed in 2001, when the townships of West Nissouri and North Dorchester were amalgamated. It is part of the London metropolitan area. Communities in the township include: Avon, Belton, Cherry Grove, Crampton, Cobble Hill, Derwent, Devizes, Dorchester, Evelyn, Fanshawe Lake, Friendly Corners, Gladstone, Harrietsville, Kelly Station, Mossley, Nilestown, Oliver, Putnam, Salmonville, Silvermoon, Thorndale, Three Bridges, and Wellburn.

Dorchester is the residential and commercial core of the township. Every year, there are many events held in Dorchester such as the Dorchester Fair, the Dorchester Car Show, the Run to the Fair 5k Road Race, and the Dorchester Dolphins. The Donnybrook Fiddle and Step Dance Competition has become an annual event held at the fairgrounds every Civic Long Weekend. This event brings fiddlers and steppers from all over the province and the North Eastern United States. Also, scouts from all over Canada and the USA attend a camporee called the Dorchester International Brotherhood Camp (DIBC). The camp attracts as many as 4,000 scouts and girl guides from Canada and the US every year. The camp is held annually on Mothers Day weekend.

Thames Centre, Ontario 
Thames Centre, Ontario
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Putnam has a population of over 13,191 people. Putnam also forms part of the wider London metropolitan area which has a population of over 494,069 people. Putnam is situated 30 km east of the centre of London.

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Antipodal to: Putnam 99.048,-42.993

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