Pristina, Kosovo

🇽🇰 Pristina is the capital and largest city of Kosovo. Its population is predominantly Albanian-speaking constituting the second-largest such city in Europe, after Tirana. The city is located in the north-eastern section of Kosovo in a relatively flat plain close to the Gollak mountains. Pristina is the most important transportation junction of Kosovo, for air, rail, and roads. The city's international airport is the largest airport of the country and among the largest in the region. A range of expressways and motorways, such as the R 6 and R 7, radiate out the city and connect it to Albania and North Macedonia.

Pristina is as well as the most essential economic, financial, political and trade centre of Kosovo mostly due to its significant location in the centre of the country. It is the seat of power of the Government of Kosovo, the residences for work of the president and prime minister of Kosovo, and the Parliament of Kosovo. The tertiary sector is the most important for the economy of the city and employs more than 75% of the work force of Pristina. 20% of the working population makes up the secondary sector followed by the primary sector with only 5%.

Pristina is the primary tourist destination in Kosovo as well as the main air gateway to the country. It is known as a university centre of students from neighbouring countries as Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. In a typical year Pristina attracts around 100,000 foreign visitors. Most foreign tourists come from Albania, Turkey, Germany, United States, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, with the number of visitors from elsewhere growing every year.

The city has a large number of luxury hotels, modern restaurants, bars, pubs and very large nightclubs. Coffee bars are a representative icon of Pristina and they can be found almost everywhere. The largest hotels of the city are the Swiss Diamond and the Grand Hotel Prishtina situated in the heart of the city. Other major hotels present in Pristina include the Emerald Hotel, Sirius Hotel and Hotel Garden.

Some of the most visited sights near the city include the Batlava Lake and Marble Cave, which are also among the most visited places in country. Pristina has played a very important role during the World War II, being a shelter for Jews, whose cemeteries now can be visited.

The international airport of Pristina serves as the premier gateway to the country and carries almost 2 million passengers per year with connections to many destinations around different countries and cities of Europe with the most frequent routes to Austria, Germany, Switzerland as well as to Slovenia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Pristina is the transport hub of road, rail and air in Kosovo. The city's buses, trains and planes together all serve to maintain a high level of connectivity between Pristina many different districts and beyond.

The Pristina railway station is located near the city centre, while Fushë Kosovë railway station is Kosovo's railway hub, located in the industrial section of Pristina. Pristina is serviced by a train that travels through Pristina to Skopje daily.

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Pristina was ranked #894 by the Nomad List which evaluates and ranks remote work hubs by cost, internet, fun and safety. Pristina has a population of over 161,751 people. Pristina also forms the centre of the wider Pristina District which has a population of over 205,133 people.

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