Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic

🇨🇿 Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic and the historical capital of Bohemia. Situated on the Vltava river, the city has a temperate climate, with relatively warm summers and chilly winters.

Prague is a political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe complete with a rich history. Founded during the Romanesque and flourishing by the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras, Prague was the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the main residence of several Holy Roman Emperors, most notably of Charles IV. It was an important city to the Habsburg Monarchy and its Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city played major roles in the Bohemian and the Protestant Reformations, the Thirty Years' War and in 20th century history as the capital of Czechoslovakia between the World Wars and the post-war Communist era.

Prague is home to a number of well-known cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of 20th century Europe. Main attractions include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock, the Jewish Quarter, Petřín hill and Vyšehrad. The extensive historic centre of Prague is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

The city has more than ten major museums, along with numerous theatres, galleries, cinemas, and other historical exhibits. An extensive modern public transportation system connects the city. It is home to a wide range of public and private schools, including Charles University in Prague, the oldest university in Central Europe.

The city was ranked as 69th most liveable city in the world by Mercer. The PICSA Index ranked the city as 13th most liveable city in the world. Its rich history makes it a popular tourist destination and the city receives more than 8.5 million international visitors annually. Prague was listed as the fifth most visited European city.

Prague's economy accounts for 25% of the Czech GDP making it the highest performing regional economy of the country. Is GDP per capita in purchasing power standard is €63,900, making it the third best performing region in the EU. Prague employs almost a fifth of the entire Czech workforce, and its wages are significantly above average. The city's economic structure is service-oriented. Industry is present in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing, manufacture of transport equipment, computer technology and electrical engineering. In the service sector, financial and commercial services, trade, restaurants, hospitality and public administration are the most significant. Services account for around 80 per cent of employment. There are 800,000 employees in Prague, including 120,000 commuters. 148,035 foreign workers were reported to be living in the city making up about 18 per cent of the workforce. Approximately one-fifth of all investment in the Czech Republic takes place in the city.

Almost one-half of the national income from tourism is spent in Prague. The city offers approximately 73,000 beds in accommodation facilities, including almost 51,000 beds in hotels and boarding houses. The city is a common filming location for international productions such as Hollywood and Bollywood motion pictures. A combination of architecture, low costs and the existing motion picture infrastructure have proven attractive to international film production companies.

The modern economy of Prague is largely service and export-based and the city was named the best city in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for business. Prague was deemed among the three best cities in Central and Eastern Europe according to The Economist's liveability rankings. The city was named as a top-tier nexus city for innovation across multiple sectors of the global innovation economy, placing 29th globally in 2thinknow annual analysts Innovation Cities Index. Na příkopě is the most expensive street among all the states of the Visegrád Group and in 22nd place among the most expensive streets in the world. In Eurostat research, Prague ranked fifth among Europe's 271 regions in terms of gross domestic product per inhabitant.

Companies with highest turnover in the region include: ČEZ; Agrofert; RWE Supply & Trading CZ.

Prague is also the site of some of the most important offices and institutions of the Czech Republic • President of the Czech Republic • The Government and both houses of Parliament • Ministries and other national offices (Industrial Property Office, Czech Statistical Office, National Security Authority etc.) • Czech National Bank • Czech Television and other major broadcasters • Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty • Galileo global navigation project • Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Prague from Letenské Sady 
Prague from Letenské Sady
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Prague is rated Alpha − by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC) which evaluates and ranks the relationships between world cities in the context of globalisation. Alpha level cities are linked to major economic states and regions and into the world economy.

Prague is the #66 city in the world according to the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) which evaluates and ranks the competitiveness of the major financial centres of the world according to a wide range of criteria – Human Capital, Business, Finance, Infrastructure and Reputation.

Prague is rated C+ by the Global Urban Competitiveness Report (GUCR) which evaluates and ranks world cities in the context of economic competitiveness. C+ cities are strong international gateway cities. Prague was ranked #16 by the Nomad List which evaluates and ranks remote work hubs by cost, internet, fun and safety. Prague has a population of over 1,324,277 people. Prague also forms part of the wider Prague metropolitan area which has a population of over 2,677,964 people. Prague is the #98 hipster city in the world, with a hipster score of 4.5015 according to the Hipster Index which evaluates and ranks the major cities of the world according to the number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques, and record stores.

Twin Towns – Sister Cities 🇨🇿 Prague is twinned with: 🇩🇪 Berlin, Germany; 🇧🇪 Brussels, Belgium; 🇺🇸 Chicago, United States; 🇩🇪 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; 🇩🇪 Hamburg, Germany; 🇯🇵 Kyōto, Japan; 🇺🇸 Miami-Dade County, United States; 🇩🇪 Nuremberg, Germany; 🇺🇸 Phoenix, United States; 🇹🇼 Taipei, Taiwan.

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