Pingtan, Fujian Province, China

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🇨🇳 Pingtan Island or Haitan Island is an island of Fuzhou off the east coast of mainland Asia in Pingtan County, Fujian Province, China, south of the complex estuary of the Min River. It is the largest island in Fujian and the fifth-largest island administered by the People's Republic of China.

Economy The island relies on tourism and anticipates that foreign investment will spur economic growth. The first major bridge to cross the Haitan Strait was completed in November 2010, connecting the island to Fuqing on the mainland. Spanning 4,976 meters, it cost 1.4 billion RMB (about US$200 million) to build.

An 88.5-km-long Fuzhou-Pingtan Railway (the Fuping Railway, 福平铁路), connecting Fuzhou to Pingtan Island, via Changle and a series of bridges, is under construction. The project was approved in November 2012. It was expected that the work would start by the end of the year, and was completed on December 26, 2020.

In early 2012, it was announced that a large cloud computing centre would be built in Pingtan.

Transportation The transportation in Pingtan is rapidly developing. Since it is the closest place between Mainland China and Taiwan, the government attaches great importance to its transportation.

High-speed rail On September 28, 2017, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Pingtan High-speed Railway Station was held in Zhonglou Township. On December 26, 2020, as the G5322 train slowly departed from Pingtan railway station, the Fuping Railway, the nearest railway from the mainland to Taiwan Island, was officially opened for operation. The Pingtan Strait Road-Rail Bridge, China’s first road-rail bridge, was put into use simultaneously, and it can be reached within 35 minutes from Fuzhou to Pingtan.

Roads On 9 January 2021, as K · Y0303 bus punctuality leaved the Fujian Pingtan old passenger transport, the Fujian Pingtan old passenger transport is closed. The new Pingtan New Automobile Passenger Terminal's main frame was completed on 2 May 2018. It locates at No. 8 Zhongshan Avenue in Pingtan, on the north-west side of the intersection of Jinjingwan Avenue and Tanxi Avenue. The new bus station has a total of 14 operating routes. The face recognition function of the ticket checking machine in the new bus station is also a highlight of the new bus station. There is no need to pick up a ticket when entering the station, as long as people swipe their ID card and perform face recognition.

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China 
Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China
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Pingtan has a population of over 207,444 people. Pingtan also forms the centre of the wider Pingtan County which has a population of over 400,000 people.

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