Pikine, Dakar Region, Senegal

🇸🇳 Pikine is a city in the Pikine Department of the Dakar Region of Senegal. Lying to the east of Dakar city centre, a the department includes the villages of Yeumbeul, Thiaroye, Mbao, and Keur Massar Malika. Until the mid-2000s, it also included Guédiawaye, which now forms a separate Department. The city was founded in 1952 by the colonial government for former residents of Dakar who were relocated for new developments. This original city is now known as "Old Pikine", while an informal community has grown up around it. The Grande Niaye de Pikine, a green area known for market gardening, lies to the north west of Pikine.

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Pikine has a population of over 1,170,791 people. Pikine also forms part of the wider Dakar metropolitan area which has a population of over 3,938,358 people. Pikine is situated north-east of the centre of Dakar.

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