Pergamino, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

🇦🇷 Pergamino is an Argentine city in the Province of Buenos Aires. It is the administrative seat of its county, Pergamino Partido. The economy is based on the city's industrial base, as well the area's agricultural production. Local farmers play an important role in Argentina's cereal harvest, particularly soy and maize, as well as being home to half the national sales of seed for cultivation have diversified into poultry and dairy production. Manufacturing in Pergamino is still led by the textile and lumber industries, as well as other diversified industries. Pergamino's financial sector is strong with the value of locally originated loans reaching US$52 million and local deposits reaching almost US$100 million.

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Pergamino has a population of over 104,985 people. Pergamino also forms one of the centres of the wider Buenos Aires Province which has a population of over 15,625,084 people.

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