Palmira, Valle del Cauca Department, Pacific Region, Colombia

🇨🇴 Palmira is a city and municipality in south-western Colombia in the Valle del Cauca Department, located about 27 km (17 mi) east from Cali, the department's capital and main city in the South of Colombia. Palmira is the third largest city in the Valle del Cauca, behind Cali and Buenaventura.

Industry Important agricultural products are sugar cane, coffee, rice, corn, and tobacco. Palmira is known as the agricultural capital of Colombia, its main source of income is agriculture and specially the sugarcane cultivation. Palmira is home to the most important sugar mills in the country: Manuelita Sugar Mill, Providencia Sugar Mill, Del Cauca Sugar Mill and more. The illegal burning of waste cane is the main source of air pollution in the city.

In 2005, Palmira opened its first large and post modern shopping mall Centro Comercial Llanogrande Plaza, popularly called "La Catorce", after the department store 'La 14' located in the mall. In 2021 ‘La 14’ liquidated and all locations closed, including the store in Llanogrande. The indoor/outdoor shopping centre has become very popular among Palmireños since its opening as there were until recently no other large shopping malls in the city. Nevertheless, Palmiranos can still do their basic shopping in La Marden or any of its other stores located all throughout the city, specially in El Centro. Before the mall was built, Palmireños had to travel to Cali to many of its shopping centres such as La Catorce, De Calima, and Chipichape. Llanogrande has many restaurants, several outdoor bars, an indoor cinema, casino, and a small amusement park. It is located on the city's south-west side. In 2014, a second commercial shopping centre called “Unicentro Palmira” was opened on the north west side of the city.

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Palmira has a population of over 349,294 people. Palmira also forms part of the wider Valle del Cauca department which has a population of over 4,475,886 people.

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