Oxie, Skåne County, Scania Province, Sweden

🇸🇪 Oxie is a locality and was a city district (Swedish: stadsdel) in the south-east of Malmö Municipality, Sweden. On 1 July 2013, the city district was merged with Fosie, forming Söder.

Notable buildings include the medieval Oxie church (Oxie kyrka) and the water tower. From the railway station commuter trains proceed to Malmö and Ystad.

It is dominated by residential areas of single-family detached home and semi-detached houses. Oxie centrum is the centre point of the town with a small square, several stores and service providers.

Oxie was a municipality of its own until it merged with Malmö in 1967. Today, Oxie is made up of the previously separate villages Oxie, Käglinge, Toarp and Kristineberg. In addition, Oxie district also included the villages Lockarp, Glostorp and Krumby.

Flower business In addition to hosting the florist school, Oxie is the number one flower transit point in Sweden. Several flower importing companies have facilities in Oxie, receiving shipments of flowers from all over Europe. As much as 80% of the imported cut flowers coming to Sweden pass through here.

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Oxie has a population of over 12,453 people. Oxie also forms part of the wider Öresund metropolitan area which has a population of over 4,000,000 people.

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