Overstrand, Western Cape Province, South Africa

🇿🇦 Overstrand Municipality is a local municipality in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is located along the Atlantic coast between Cape Town and Cape Agulhas, within the Overberg District Municipality. The principal towns in the municipality are Hermanus, Gansbaai and Kleinmond. Most of the towns in the municipality are on the coast, and due to the proximity to Cape Town many are holiday resorts. The largest town is Hermanus, which is situated on the northern edge of Walker Bay next to the Klein River mouth. West of Hermanus, between it and the Bot River, are Onrusrivier and Hawston on the coast, and Fisherhaven on the Bot River lagoon. On the other side of the Bot River mouth is the town of Kleinmond and beyond it along the coast are Betty's Bay, Pringle Bay and Rooi-Els.

East of Hermanus the municipality includes a wider agricultural area away from the coast. The village of Stanford is about 15 km (10 mi) inland on the Klein River. To the south, on the opposite side of Walker Bay from Hermanus, is the second-largest town in the municipality, Gansbaai. Just south of Gansbaai, on the southern edge of the Danger Point peninsula, are Van Dyksbaai and Franskraalstrand. A little further along the coast is Pearly Beach. Inland from Pearly Beach, separated from the coast by a range of hills, is the agricultural hamlet of Baardskeerdersbos (pop. 103), while Wolvengat is another agricultural hamlet in the far south-east of the municipality.

Aerial view over Cape Town, South Africa with Table Mountain 
Aerial view over Cape Town, South Africa with Table Mountain
Image: Adobe Stock fivepointsix #269166684

Overstrand has a population of over 80,432 people. Overstrand also forms one of the centres of the wider Overberg District which has a population of over 258,176 people.

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