Ocnița, Moldova

🇲🇩 Ocnița is a town and the administrative centre of Ocnița District, Moldova.

Rail is the principal district to transport goods and fuel, but also the routes to human transport: Chișinău, Bălți, Chernivtsi, Iași, Moscow, Kyiv, St. Petersburg and others. Bălți–Chernivtsi railway passing through the cities Otaci–Frunză–Ocnița was built between 1892–1897, when it is documented and targeted the railway station Ocnița built in 1897. Road transport is vital to passenger transport routes are more inter-regional, inter-republican and international.

Economy Agriculture occupies a central role in the economy of the district. In farming district in recent years there have been radical changes in relations of production, related to the transition to a market economy, to abandon the methods of centralized rule, changing property relations and forms of management. From an institutional perspective, the agricultural sector of the district is covered by a multitude of forms of organization and legal – 3 agricultural production cooperatives that process in 2448 ha of land, 3-stock holding companies 3508 ha, 28 limited liability companies with a total area of 13,328 hectares, 42 farms with a total area of 8458 ha and 3979 ha of farmland are processed individually. The district is in total 5015 registered companies.

District Directorate of Agriculture and Food, orient their work towards the organization and training of managers and professionals from large and small farms. An important role in achieving the expected results is agricultural machinery. Park tractors and agricultural machinery in the district consists of: Tractors – 450 units, combine – 78 un, seeder – 172 un, growing 190 un, watering – 46 un, combination – 10 un, plows – 201 un.

Chisinau Time 
Chisinau Time
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Ocnița has a population of over 7,254 people. Ocnița also forms the centre of the wider Ocnița District which has a population of over 56,100 people.

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