Niquelândia, Goiás, Central-West Region, Brazil

🇧🇷 Niquelândia is municipality in northern Goiás state, Brazil. It is the largest municipality in the state in area and is an important producer of minerals. Niquelândia is 370 km from the state capital, Goiânia. Municipal boundaries are with Água Fria de Goiás, Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Barro Alto, Campinaçu, Colinas do Sul, Mimoso de Goiás, Santa Rita do Novo Destino, São João d'Aliança, Uruaçu and Vila Propício.

Niquelândia is the national capital of nickel. It has one of the largest nickel reserves in the world, which are exploited by two mining companies: Companhia Níquel Tocantins—CNT, belonging to the Votorantim group -, and Codemin - to Anglo American. There are also more than 120 types of mineral, such as gold, crystal, platinum, copper, mica, iron, manganese, diamonds, quartz, marble, cobalt, asbestos and even uranium. Mining is not the only economic activity in the region with cattle raising, agriculture, small transformation industries, commerce, and public administration employing large segments of the population. In 2007 there were 4 banking agencies: CEF - Banco do Brasil S.A. - Banco Itaú S.A. - Banco ABN AMRO Real S.A (Agosto/2007). The Agricultural production includes: Farms:, Planted area, Natural Pasture, Woodland and Forest, soybeans, corn, and rice.

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Niquelândia has a population of over 46,730 people. Niquelândia is situated 370 km north-east of Goiânia.

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