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🇹🇼 New Taipei City is a special municipality located in northern Taiwan. The city is the most populous city of Taiwan, which is also the second largest special municipality by area, behind Kaohsiung. New Taipei City completely encloses the city of Taipei and neighbours Keelung to the north-east, Yilan County to the south-east, and Taoyuan to the south-west. Banqiao District is its municipal seat and biggest commercial area.

New Taipei City is a conurbation which was merged from numbers of regiopolis, suburban business districts or commuter towns to form one continuous polycentric urban area. Together with cities of Taipei and Keelung, New Taipei constitutes most of the Taipei-Keelung metropolitan area which spans from the island's northern coastline to the mountainous Xueshan Range, and encompasses the entire Taipei Basin within its boundaries. The city is well-connected to other major cities in proximity or other parts of the island by various public transports such as Metro services, high-speed rail and an airport line commuting to Taoyuan International Airport, a major hub airport in northern Taiwan. The Port of Taipei, an artificial international seaport, is situated in the north-western coast of the city.

Economy Due to its strategic location, New Taipei City is the second major city of business industries after Taipei, with over 250,000 privately owned companies (Including Acer Computers Inc.) and 20,000 factories scattered around five industrial parks with a total capital of NT$1.8 trillion. There are also many high technology industry, service industry and tourism industry, contributing a significant amount of GDP to Taiwan. The five major industries in the city are information technology (IT), telecommunications, digital contents, biotechnology and precision instruments. The city is among the top three cities in the global market in terms of IT product production volume, securing more than 50% of the global market share for products such as motherboards, notebooks, LCD monitors and CRT monitors.

Creative industries New Taipei City is also filled with many cultural and creative industries, such as pottery in Yingge District, Liuli industry in Tamsui District, drum industry in Xinzhuang District, dye industry in Sanxia District, noble metal processing industry in Ruifang District, sky lantern industry in Pingxi District, etc. The Taiwan Film Culture Center is planned to be built in Xinzhuang District for the key resource of the development of film industries in Taiwan. The Knowledge Industry Park is also planned to be built in the same district to encourage the clustering and expansion of digital content companies and will help turn the city into a virtual digital entertainment park.

Logistic industries The Port of Taipei located in Bali District has the capability of fitting container ships weighing up to 80,000 tons and transporting more than 2 million TEU annually. The Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf in Tamsui District serves as the main port for fishing boats, as well as for sightseeing and leisure.

Manufacturing industries In New Taipai Foxconn is based. The company is the international major company for electronic OEM/ODM products. Foxconn is producing IPhones for Apple. New Taipai ist the hometown of Giant Bicycles. In the 1980 Fairly Cycle was founded in New Taipei. The company is producing 450 to 550 bikes a day for brands like Felt, Canyon (Germany), Kona, Willier and others as OEM.

Banqiao, New Taipei City 

New Taipei City has a population of over 4,008,113 people. New Taipei City also forms part of the wider New Taipei City which has a population of over 8,535,000 people.

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