Nendaz, Canton of Valais, Switzerland

🇨🇭 Nendaz is a municipality in the district of Conthey in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. The municipality is located in the middle Valais, and stretches from the left bank of the Rhone river (490 m (1,610 ft)) up to the peak of the Rosablanche (3,336 m (10,945 ft)). It consists of about 15 villages and hamlets including Basse-Nendaz, Haute-Nendaz, Bieudron, Aproz, Baar, Brignon and Beuson.

Nendaz, Canton of Valais, Switzerland 
<b>Nendaz, Canton of Valais, Switzerland</b>
Image: Jérémy Toma

Nendaz has a population of over 6,622 people. Nendaz also forms part of the wider Conthey District which has a population of over 29,424 people.

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