Mosta, The Northern Region, Malta

Mosta is a small but densely populated city in the Northern Region of Malta. The most prominent building in Mosta is the Rotunda, a large basilica built by its parishioners' volunteer labour. It features one of the world's largest unsupported domes, and displays a replica of the World War II bombshell that famously crashed through the dome but did not detonate upon impact. Mosta celebrates the parish feast of the Assumption every 15 August. Mosta's feast day celebration is popular among both locals and tourists. The city is annually decorated by local parishioners and townspeople, seeking to demonstrate their affection for the town and its patron saint, weeks ahead of the public procession.

Malta Time 
Malta Time
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Mosta has a population of over 20,988 people.

Mosta has three sister cities: Millbrae, California, United States • Ragusa, Italy • Cassagnabère-Tournas, France.

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