Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

🇨🇦 Moncton is the largest urban centre in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Situated in the Petitcodiac River Valley, Moncton lies at the geographic centre of the Maritime Provinces. The city has earned the nickname "Hub City" because of its central inland location in the region and its history as a railway and land transportation hub for the Maritimes. Greater Moncton is the largest city and largest metropolitan area (CMA) in New Brunswick, and the second-largest city and CMA in the Maritime Provinces. The CMA includes the neighbouring city of Dieppe and the town of Riverview, as well as adjacent suburban areas in Westmorland and Albert counties. The city adopted the motto Resurgo (Latin: I rise again) after its rebirth as a railway town.

The city's economy is stable and diversified, primarily based on its traditional transportation, distribution, retailing, and commercial heritage, and supplemented by strength in the educational, health care, financial, information technology, and insurance sectors. The strength of Moncton's economy has received national recognition and the local unemployment rate is consistently less than the national average.

The underpinnings of the local economy are based on Moncton's heritage as a commercial, distribution, transportation, and retailing centre. This is due to Moncton's central location in the Maritimes: it has the largest catchment area in Atlantic Canada with 1.6 million people living within a three-hour drive of the city. The insurance, information technology, educational, and health care sectors also are major factors in the local economy with the city's two hospitals alone employing over five thousand people.

Canadian Business magazine named it "The best city for business in Canada", and FDi magazine named it the fifth most business-friendly small-sized city in North America. A number of nationally or regionally prominent corporations have their head offices in Moncton including Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Assumption Life Insurance, Medavie Blue Cross Insurance, Armour Transportation Systems and Major Drilling Group International. Moncton also has federal public service employment, with regional head offices for Corrections Canada, Transport Canada, the Gulf Fisheries Centre and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

There are 37 call centres in the city which employ over 5,000 people. Some of the larger centres include Asurion, Numeris (formerly BBM Canada), Exxon Mobil, Royal Bank of Canada, Tangerine Bank (formerly ING Direct), UPS, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Rogers Communications, and Nordia Inc.. A growing high tech sector includes companies such as Nanoptix, International Game Technology, OAO Technology Solutions, BMM Test Labs, TrustMe, and BelTek Systems Design. TD Bank announced a new banking services centre to be located in Moncton which will employ over 1,000 people including a customer contact centre.

Several arms of the Irving corporation have their head offices and/or major operations in greater Moncton. These include Midland Transport, Majesta/Royale Tissues, Irving Personal Care, Master Packaging, Brunswick News, and Cavendish Farms. Kent Building Supplies have their main distribution centre in the Caledonia Industrial Park. The Irving group of companies employs several thousand people in the Moncton region.

There are three large industrial parks in the metropolitan area. The Irving operations are concentrated in the Dieppe Industrial Park. The Moncton Industrial Park in the city's west end has been expanded. Molson/Coors operate a brewery in the Caledonia Industrial Park. All three industrial parks also have large concentrations of warehousing and regional trucking facilities.

Downtown Moncton acts as the central business district for the city. It houses a number of government and financial offices. The four-lane Gunningsville Bridge connects downtown Riverview directly with downtown Moncton. On the Moncton side, the bridge connects with an extension of Vaughan Harvey Boulevard as well as to Assumption Boulevard and serves as a catalyst for economic growth in the downtown area. This area includes the Blue Cross Centre; a Marriott Residence Inn; the new regional law courts on Assumption Blvd; and a 8,800 seat downtown arena, the Avenir Centre. On the Riverview side, the Gunningsville Bridge connects to a ring road around the town and serves as a catalyst for development in east Riverview.

The retail sector in Moncton is one of the most important pillars of the local economy. Major retail projects such as Champlain Place in Dieppe and the Wheeler Park Power Centre on Trinity Drive are major destinations for locals and for tourists alike.

Tourism is an important industry in Moncton and historically owes its origins to the presence of two natural attractions, the tidal bore of the Petitcodiac River and the optical illusion of Magnetic Hill. Magnetic Hill, on the city's north-west outskirts, is the city's most famous attraction. The Magnetic Hill area includes: a golf course; major water park; zoo; an outdoor concert facility; and a casino/hotel/entertainment complex.

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada 

Moncton was ranked #305 by the Nomad List which evaluates and ranks remote work hubs by cost, internet, fun and safety. Moncton has a population of over 71,889 people. Moncton also forms one of the centres of the Greater Moncton metropolitan area which has a population of over 144,810 people. Moncton is ranked #502 for startups with a score of 0.366.

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