Medijana, Southern and Eastern Serbia, Serbia

🇷🇸 Medijana is one of five city municipalities which constitute the city of Niš. It is the central and the most populous city municipality of Niš with the population of 85,969 inhabitants.

Mediana is an important archaeological site from the late Roman period, located in the eastern suburb of the Serbian city of Niš. It represents a luxurious residence with a highly organised economy. Excavations have revealed a villa with peristyle, thermae, granary and water tower. The residence dates to the reign of Constantine the Great 306 to 337. Although Roman artefacts can be found scattered all over the area of present-day Niš, Mediana represents the best-preserved part of Roman Naissus. In 1979, Mediana was added to the Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance list, protected by the Republic of Serbia.

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Medijana has a population of over 85,969 people. Medijana also forms one of the centres of the wider Niš metropolitan area which has a population of over 260,237 people.

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