Mbeya, Tanzania

🇹🇿 Mbeya is a city located in south-west Tanzania, Africa. Mbeya is the capital of the surrounding rural Mbeya region. Mbeya is served by the Mbeya Railway Station which is near the A104 or via the TAZARA railway line from the capital.

Economy and infrastructure Mbeya has weather with enough rainfall and fertile soil which enable it to be the largest producer of maize, rice, bananas, beans, potatoes (Irish & sweet), soya nuts and wheat in the entire country. Tanzania has a free market in agricultural produce, and Mbeya transports vast amounts of its maize to other areas of Tanzania. There is also extensive animal husbandry, with dairy cattle predominating. Mbeya is also the biggest producer of high-value export and cash crops in Tanzania; those crops are coffee (arabica), tea, cocoa, pyrethirum and spices. There is some smallholder cultivation of tobacco. Firewood is collected by women and girls, from the wooded valleys and mountainsides. Bamboo is naturally abundant in the forests, and there are plans to teach local people about this versatile plant and its many uses. Some gold is still mined in the rural Chunya District, by artisan miners.

Mbeya is considered to be heading the Southern Highlands Regions, that's why there is a Mbeya Referral Hospital which serves the whole of the Southern Highlands regions. The Bank of Tanzania, Mbeya Cement Company, Afri Bottlers Company Coca-Cola Company, SBC Tanzania Ltd Pepsi Cola Company, Tanzania Breweries Limited, NMB, TIB, Mbozi Coffee Curing Limited, Tukuyu Tea Company, Tanzania Oxygen Limited TOL - KYEJO, CRDB all these serve as zonal representative for southern Highlands. There are also a number of companies and statutory organisations with zonal offices in Mbeya.

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Mbeya has a population of over 385,279 people. Mbeya also forms the centre of the wider Mbeya region which has a population of over 2,707,410 people.

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Twin Towns, Sister Cities include: 🇪🇭 Tifariti, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

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