Maturín, Monagas, Venezuela

🇻🇪 Maturín is a city in Venezuela, the capital of the Venezuelan state of Monagas and a centre for instrumental exploration and development of the petroleum industry in Venezuela. Maturín is also a busy regional transportation hub, connecting routes from the north-eastern coast to the Orinoco Delta and the Gran Sabana.

Economy Maturín is one of the most important cities in the east of the country as its strategic position serves as a bridge to the other states of the region. The city had grown during the last few years mainly because of the increase of the oil industry in the state. However, Maturín has been hit hard by Venezuela's recent economic crisis.

Image: Simon Ordaz

Maturín has a population of over 401,384 people. Maturín also forms the centre of the wider Maturín metropolitan area which has a population of over 695,000 people.

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