Manukau, Auckland Region, North Island, New Zealand

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๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฟ Manukau, or Manukau Central, is a suburb of South Auckland, New Zealand, centred on the Manukau City Centre business district. It is located 23 km south of the Auckland Central Business District, west of the Southern Motorway, south of Papatoetoe, and north of Manurewa. The industrial and commercial suburb of Wiri lies to the east and south.

Manukau City was a territorial authority district in Auckland, New Zealand, that was governed by the Manukau City Council. The area is sometimes referred to as "South Auckland", although this term never possessed official recognition and does not encompass areas such as East Auckland, which was within the city boundary. It was a relatively young city, both in terms of legal status and large-scale settlement โ€“ though in June 2010, it was the third largest in New Zealand, and the fastest growing. In the same year, the entire Auckland Region was amalgamated under a single city authority, Auckland Council.

Retail Westfield Manukau City was established in 1976. It has a lettable area of 45,236 mยฒ, and has 2,113 carparks and 187 shops, including Farmers, Countdown, JB Hi-Fi and Event Cinemas. Manukau Supa Centa covers 37,010 mยฒ. It has 40 stores including Kmart.

Manukau also has the South Campus of Auckland University of Technology and the Manukau and Tech Park Campuses of Manukau Institute of Technology.

Transport Manukau is well-connected for transport. The Southwestern Motorway (State Highway 20) joins the Southern Motorway (State Highway 1) at Manukau Central. Eastern Line train services carry passengers between Manukau Railway Station and central Auckland's Britomart Transport Centre. Adjacent to the train station is the Manukau bus station (opened April 2018), connecting southern and eastern suburbs and a stop for inter-city services.

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Manukau has a population of over 328,968 people. Manukau also forms one of the centres of the wider Auckland metropolitan area which has a population of over 1,717,500 people.

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