Korçë, Albania

🇦🇱 Korçë is the eighth most populous city of the Republic of Albania and the seat of Korçë County and Korçë Municipality. It stands on a plateau some 850 m above sea level, surrounded by the Morava Mountains. The Ministry of Tourism and Environment manages numerous natural sites and protected areas in Korçë County. In conjunction with numerous national natural sites and areas, the National Agency of Protected Areas has the Fir of Drenovë National Park and Prespa National Park under its administration. The UNESCO Ohrid-Prespa Transboundary Biosphere Reserve is also encompassed in the county.

Tirane Time 

Korçë has a population of over 51,150 people. Korçë also forms the centre of the wider Korçë County which has a population of over 204,000 people.

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