Kolárovo, Nitra Region, Slovakia

🇸🇰 Kolárovois a town in the south of Slovakia near the town of Komárno. The town of Kolárovo is located in the Podunajská nížina (Danubian Lowland) at the confluence of the Váh and Little Danube Rivers. The western part of the plane land is on Žitný ostrov, the medium part on boggy flats of the Little Danube, Váh, and Váh Danube Rivers, the eastern part with many old shoulders and inland embankments at the flat of the Váh and Nitra Rivers. The town comprises 6 neighborhoods: centre, Částa (Császta), Kráľka (Királyrét), Veľký Ostrov (Nagysziget), Örtény and Pačérok (Pacsérok).

About 11,000 inhabitants live between the dams at the Little Danube, of whom 82.6% are of Hungarian ethnicity, 16% of Slovak ethnicity, and the rest 1.4% of other ethnicities. Kolárovo belongs to the largest towns of the lower part of the Žitný ostrov.

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Kolárovo has a population of over 11,000 people. Kolárovo also forms the centre of the wider Komárno District which has a population of over 102,295 people.

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