Kep, Cambodia

🇰🇭 Kep Municipality (ក្រុងកែប) is a municipality in Kep Province, in southern Cambodia. The municipality is subdivided into 2 Sangkats and 5 Kroms.

Kep Province is the smallest province of Cambodia. It is one of the newest Cambodian provinces, created by Royal Decree in 2008, which separated Kep Municipality & Damnak Chang'aeur District from the Kampot Province, as well as adjusting several provincial borders. It is both the smallest and least populous province of Cambodia. The provincial capital is Kep District and the province contains the Kep National Park.

Phnom Penh Time 
Phnom Penh Time
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Kep has a population of over 10,319 people. Kep also forms the centre of the wider Kep Province which has a population of over 41,798 people.

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