Kenton, Ohio, United States


๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Kenton is a city in and the county seat of Hardin County, Ohio, United States, located in the west central part of Ohio approximately 57 mi NW of Columbus and 70 mi south of Toledo.

Kenton was originally the site of Fort McArthur, erected 1812 by Colonel Duncan McArthur as one of the forts along the line of General William Hull's march against the British headquarters at Fort Detroit during the War of 1812. In 1845, Kenton was incorporated as a village; it became a city in 1886. The city was named after frontiersman Simon Kenton.

The city began as a centre for agriculture trade, then in the late nineteenth century developed industry common to America of the time. From 1890 to 1952, Kenton was home to the Kenton Hardware Company, manufacturers of locks, cast-iron toys, and the very popular Gene Autry toy cap guns.

International Car Company, a manufacturer of rail cabooses, operated in Kenton for many years. In 1975 it was purchased by Paccar, a manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. In 1983, Paccar closed down the business, noting a decrease in demand for rail equipment.

Attractions Kenton has a variety of attractions and activities. The Hardin County Courthouse is a historical site in the centre of the public square. Kenton has one public library, the Mary Lou Johnson Hardin County District Library, which was formerly located in a 1905 Carnegie library. The city also possesses a museum, the Hardin County Historical Museum, located in a near north side historic district.

The city also has the Kenton Theater and the Hi-Road Drive-in. The local YMCA offers basketball, lift, and swimming. Restaurants include En Lai Chinese restaurant, Basil's Italian restaurant, Salsa's Mexican restaurant, and Michael Angelo's Pizza. Kenton's large Amish population sells produce, baked goods, and furniture. The Hardin County Fair is held during the week of Labor Day.

Kenton, Ohio, United States 
<b>Kenton, Ohio, United States</b>
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Kenton has a population of over 8,215 people. Kenton also forms the centre of the wider Hardin County which has a population of over 30,696 people. Kenton is situated 92 km north-west of Columbus.

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