Kara, Togo

🇹🇬 Kara is a city in northern Togo, situated in Kara Region, 413 km north of the capital Lomé. Kara is the capital of the Kara region. The Kara River flows through the city and is its main resource of water. The city developed from the 1970s onwards from the village originally known as Lama-Kara. Its growth was largely due to the influence of the previous Togolese head of state Gnassingbé Eyadéma who was born in the nearby village of Pya and understood Kara's strategic position at a crossroads of two trade routes.

Economy The majority of the population depend on subsistence agriculture cultivating maize, cassava, yams, sorghum, pearl millet, groundnuts, and as a cash crop, cotton. Small and medium-sized farms produce most of the food crop; the average farm size is one to three hectares.

Lome Time 

Kara has a population of over 94,878 people. Kara also forms the centre of the wider Kara Region which has a population of over 769,940 people.

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