Juigalpa, Chontales Department, Nicaragua

🇳🇮 Juigalpa is the municipal seat of Juigalpa Municipality and the capital city of the Chontales Department of Nicaragua. It is located within the municipality of Juigalpa, approximately 140 km east of Managua on Carretera Rama, in the central region of Nicaragua.

Economy In comparison to other parts of Nicaragua, Juigalpa is rather prosperous. The department of Chontales produces 90% of the beef in Nicaragua, and is the dominant industry in the region. Because Juigalpa is the largest city in the region, it has many commerce and service sector businesses as well.

Managua Time 
Managua Time
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Juigalpa has a population of over 53,113 people. Juigalpa also forms the centre of the wider Juigalpa Municipality which has a population of over 61,075 people.

Twin Towns, Sister Cities Juigalpa has links with: 🇳🇱 Leiden, Netherlands.

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