Joypur Hāt, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh

🇧🇩 Jaipur Hāt is a village near the Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur in Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh. Jaipur Hāt is also known as Jaipur Hat, Jaipur Hāt, Jaypur Hat. Joypurhat জয়পুরহাট জেলা,is a district in the northern part of Bangladesh. It is part of Rajshahi Division. Joypurhat's economy is mainly based on seasonal crops like rice, potato, wheat, onion, mango, jackfruit, and banana. It also produces a huge amount of sugarcane and it holds the country's largest sugar mill, Joypurhat Sugar Mill's Limited. There are also a lot of industries, rice mills and poultry farms in this district. It exports many agricultural products. Hili land port is very close to Joypurhat district, so many people of this district do export-import business by this port and about all the vehicles of this port run over this district. This district is appropriate for all kind of business.

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Joypur Hāt has a population of over 913,768 people. Joypur Hāt also forms part of the wider Rajshahi division which has a population of over 18,484,858 people.

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