Ji'an, Jiangxi Province, China

🇨🇳 Ji'an (吉安) is a prefecture-level city situated in the central region of Jiangxi province of the People's Republic of China while bordering Hunan province to the west. The built-up (or metro) area made of 2 urban districts. Ji'an lies next to the Luoxiao Mountains (罗霄山脉) with the Gan River running through the middle of the city. Local dialects include a form of Gan Chinese (Jicha subgroup, 吉茶片) as well as Hakka Chinese.

Ji'an (吉安) is an abbreviation of its original name "吉泰民安" (Jítàimín'ān). It has also formerly been known as Luling (廬陵) and Jizhou (吉州).

The Ji'an municipal region comprises two districts, a county-level city and ten counties. District: • Jizhou District (吉州区) • Qingyuan District (青原区). County-level city: • Jinggangshan City (井冈山市). Counties: • Ji'an County (吉安县) • Jishui County (吉水县) • Yongxin County (永新县) • Anfu County (安福县) • Xingan County (新干县) • Xiajiang County (峡江县) • Yongfeng County (永丰县) • Taihe County (泰和县) • Wan'an County (万安县) • Suichuan County (遂川县).

Transportation Jinggangshan Airport in Taihe County serves Ji'an. The Beijing-Kowloon Railway line passes through the Ji'an municipality with train stations in Xingan, Xiajiang, Jishui, Ji'an (Ji'an Station), and Taihe. Ji'an is connected to the China National Highways 105 and 319.

Education Jinggangshan University is located in Qingyuan District, Ji'an. The Ji'an Public Library (吉安市图书馆), with its main library in Jizhou District, serves the city.

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Ji'an has a population of over 643,399 people. Ji'an also forms the centre of the wider Ji'an Prefecture which has a population of over 4,810,339 people.

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