Indramayu, West Java Province, Java, Indonesia

🇮🇩 Indramayu is a town and district which serves as the capital of Indramayu Regency in the West Java province of Indonesia, and is located in the northern coastal area of West Java, east from Jakarta, north-east from the city of Bandung, and north-west of the city of Cirebon. Most of its land are situated below sea level, which makes the district vulnerable to high tide in stormy conditions. The district is only protected by some dunes and barrages at the seaside. Indramayu is divided into 18 villages which are as follows: • Bojongsari • Dukuh • Karanganyar • Karangmalang • Karangsong • Kepandean • Lemahabang • Lemahmekar • Margadadi • Pabean Udik • Paoman • Pekandangan • Pekandangan Jaya • Plumbon • Singajaya • Singaraja • Tambak • Telukagung.

Economy Crude oil is found in the Indramayu area. Pertamina, the state's oil company, have operated a refinery just outside the town since 1994. That aside, because of an overall lack of industry and jobs, there is migration to other parts of Indonesia. Family remittances from sex workers are an important contribution to the local economy. In 2015, the unemployment in the town is 11.85% compared to a national average of 6.3% in 2016. Agriculture, trades, and services are the largest employers which altogether employed 73% of the workforce. The majority of "agricultural" workers are either rice farmers or fishermen, which employs about 5,000 workers each.

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Indramayu has a population of over 119,558 people. Indramayu also forms the centre of the wider Indramayu Regency which has a population of over 1,834,434 people.

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