Inari, Lapland, Finland

🇫🇮 Inari is Finland's largest municipality by area, with four official languages, more than any other in the country. Its major sources of income are tourism, service industry and cold climate testing. With the Siida museum in the village of Inari, it is a centre of Sami culture, widely known as the "capital of Sámi culture".

The airport in Ivalo and the country's key north-south European Route E75 (Finland's National Road 4) bring summer and winter vacationers seeking resorts with access to a well-preserved, uncrowded natural environment.

Finland's largest National Park Lemmenjoki is partly located in Inari, as is the Urho Kekkonen National Park. Vast parts of the municipality are designated wilderness areas: Hammastunturi, Muotkatunturi, Paistunturi, Kaldoaivi, Vätsäri, and Tsarmitunturi. The village of Inari is Finland's northernmost holiday resort. The airport is located in the nearby village of Ivalo.

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Inari has a population of over 6,869 people. Inari also forms part of the wider Lapland province which has a population of over 177,161 people. Inari is situated 328 km north of Rovaniemi.

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