Ikire, Osun State, Nigeria

🇳🇬 Ikire is a town in Osun State, Nigeria, capital of Irewole District. Irewole Local Government, Ikire is highly blessed with a conducive climate. The availability of the fine climate has broadly enhanced the cultivation of Arable and cash crops, which has further contributed to the economic development of the area. In addition, the vegetation cover of the Local Government Area is typically evergreen rainforest that is normally luxuriant during the raining season. The presence of the evergreen luxuriant forest has aided the rearing of cattle and other domestic animals at the Irewole Local Government Area.

Image: El-Shaddaites

Ikire has a population of over 111,435 people. Ikire also forms the centre of the wider Irewole District which has a population of over 143,599 people.

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