Helong, Jilin Province, China

🇨🇳 Helong (和龙) is a county-level city in south-eastern Jilin province, Northeast China. It is under the administration of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.

Administrative divisions Helong has three subdistricts and eight towns. Subdistricts: • Wenhua Subdistrict (文化街道 / 문화가도), Minhui Subdistrict (民惠街道 / 민혜가도), Guangming Subdistrict (光明街道 / 광명가도) Towns: • Toudao (头道镇 / 두도진), Bajiazi (八家子镇 / 팔가자진), Fudong (福洞镇 / 복동진), Xicheng (西城镇 / 서성진), Nanping (南坪镇 / 남평진), Longcheng (龙城镇 / 용성진), Dongcheng (东城镇 / 동성진), Chongshan (崇善镇 / 숭선진)

Image: Photo by Andreas Felske on Unsplash

Helong has a population of over 181,000 people. Helong also forms part of the wider Yanbian Prefecture which has a population of over 2,271,600 people.

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